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Lee-Madeline Dowls

Managing Director, Operational Compliance & Remediation

Stellantis Financial Services, Inc.

Financing Source Member

Professional Bio

Lee-Madeline Dowls currently serves as the Managing Director of Operational Compliance and Remediation for Stellantis Financial Services, Inc., responsible for all aspects of credit reporting and issue management for the company. She has worked in the auto finance industry for over 23 years with a focus on credit reporting and dispute handling for over 17 years. She is a Consumer Credit Compliance Certified Professional and a subject matter expert on the FCRA as it relates to credit disputes and credit reporting. She understands that the credit reporting system is an integral part of the consumer credit market and has significant impact on both consumers and creditors. Therefore, she focuses on making sure that information is audited and accurately furnished to the CRAs, all consumer disputes receive a genuine investigation, and that all policies and procedures are well documented. She also uses her background in project management and process improvement to implement processes to resolve and remediate issues which allows for resilience in our everchanging environment.


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