FAQ - Recertification

The "Certification Valid Until" date is the date continuing education credits and the recertification application must be submitted by. This date can be found in your Member Compass account or by viewing your listing in the Roster of Compliance Professionals. 
Recertification needs to be completed every 2 years.

The requirements are 24 credits with a minimum of 12 obtained from NAF Association programs.

Recertification credits can be earned in the following categories:

  • Continuing Education
  • Instruction
  • Research/Publishing
  • Leadership
  • Professional Membership

View the recertification table here.

The recertification application is $150. The cost is the same for members and non-members.
Yes, the application must be completed/purchased every 2 years to keep your certification in good standing.
The application can be found here on the NAF Association website.
To bring your certification back into good standing you will need to complete the Recertification Application and submit documentation of 24 recertification credits from the last two years.
Yes, use the form found here to report your recertification credits. E-mail the completed form to cindy@nafassociation.com.
Once the information is recorded you will receive a certificate with the updated "Certification Valid Until" date, a digital badge for your email signature and a recertification credits report.
Your record of recertification credits can be found under the Continuing Education tab in your Member Compass account.
For any questions regarding recertification e-mail, cindy@nafassociation.com.