NAF Networks

NAF Networks is a member benefit program that aims to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and professional development within our community. This program provides a platform for industry professionals to connect, exchange ideas, and address common challenges, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of its members.

Program Components
  • Regular meetups, both virtual and in-person, to facilitate networking opportunities
  • A platform for discussing emerging trends, regulatory updates, and best practices
  • Dedicated online community forum where members can share insights, challenges, and successful strategies
  • Collaborative problem-solving roundtable sessions to address common issues and challenges
  • Online webinars featuring thought leaders and experts discussing relevant topics in the non-prime auto finance space
  • Exclusive sessions at the annual conference to bring NAF Network members together for in-depth discussions, networking, and professional development

    Member Benefits
    • Connections with a diverse professional network within the non-prime auto finance industry
    • Insights into industry trends, innovations, market updates
    • Professional development opportunities through workshops, webinars, and mentorship
    • Exclusive access to educational resources
    • Recognition as a contributor to the advancement of non-prime auto finance practices

    Network Choices
        • The purpose of this group is to facilitate the exchange of insights on effective collection strategies, regulatory compliance, technological advancements, and customer relationship management, ultimately leading to improved financial performance and customer satisfaction. 
        • Key topics could include repossession management, debt recovery trends, customer experience, data analytics and predictive modeling, cross-department collaboration, effective communication strategies, and more.
        • The purpose of this group is to foster the growth and development of current and aspiring leaders within the auto industry, cultivate leadership skills, enhance strategic thinking, promote best practices in management, gain insights into the latest industry trends, build valuable professional relationships, and develop the competencies needed to drive innovation and success.
        • Key topics could include strategic thinking and planning, change management, talent development and retention, innovation and technology, mentorship and coaching, performance management, ethical leadership, and more. 
        • The purpose of this group is to enhance members' understanding of risk management practices, regulatory requirements, emerging threats, effective risk mitigation strategies, and ensuring stability and security. 
        • Key topics could include credit risk management, fraud prevention, market risk analysis, cybersecurity, portfolio risk management, data privacy and protection, risk culture and governance, emerging risks, and more. 
        • The purpose of this group is to facilitate the exchange of ideas to optimize processes, implement innovative technologies, enhance overall operational performance, stay updated on industry trends, solve common operational challenges, and drive continuous improvement.
        • Key topics could include process optimization, technology integration, risk management, workflow automation, performance metrics, vendor management, staff training and development, innovation, scalability, and more. 

     Group Selection

    Select your groups from within My Profile > Additional Information section of your Member Compass.

    Online Community

    Connect, collaborate, and learn. Engage with your peers in the auto finance community!

    The Exchange 


    Non-exclusive sponsorships are available. Sponsor benefits include:

    • Engagement opportunities with NAF Association members
    • Increased exposure and brand visibility
    • Unique forum for sharing information about products and service solutions
    • Access to industry leaders and key decision-makers

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