Call for Presenters

The NAF Association’s call for presenters is open and accepting content proposals. We invite you to share your industry knowledge and business expertise as a presenter at one of our upcoming events; interested presenters can submit as many different topics as they like for conferences, workshops, or webinars. We are interested in experienced live conference speakers and skilled virtual presenters on engaging topics for online educational offerings.


What the NAF Association Looks For

The NAF Association purposefully seeks a wide variety of topics geared to audiences from the non-prime auto finance industry. Presentations proposals will be selected based on general criteria:


  • Does it address a core business, operational, or service issue for non-prime auto finance industry professionals and/or stakeholders?
  • Is it a dynamic presentation that delivers objective, high quality information with clear takeaways for the audience?
  • Will it be a unique offering that fits the mission of the association?
What You Can Expect from the NAF Association


  • Prompt and clear communication from the NAF Association staff
  • Strong technical support to ensure your focus is on delivering a great presentation
  • Opportunities to achieve your broader goals as a presenter

What the NAF Association Expects from You


  • Prompt and clear communication from the presenter
  • Presentations which meet or exceed the submitted proposal, including stated length and audience takeaways
  • Timely delivery of presentation materials and other collateral, and timely arrival to the presentation venue
Proposal Selection

Presenters can expect an initial general confirmation a proposal was received. A follow up notification will be sent if a presentation is under consideration for a NAF Association event. Unless a proposal is rejected outright for not fitting the general criteria, the NAF Association will keep all proposals on file for possible selection in the future even if not selected during the current calendar year.

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