Annual Non-Prime Automotive Financing Survey Report

About the Annual Survey

The objective of the annual survey is to delve into the nuances of non-prime auto financing, recognizing its significance in the financial landscape. The information collected through this collaborative effort holds paramount importance for several reasons.

The data provides a nuanced understanding of the non-prime auto financing sector, offering invaluable insights into market dynamics, trends, and potential areas for growth and innovation. This annual report is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the industry and serves as a resource for participants within the non-prime auto finance ecosystem. It empowers key stakeholders with strategic knowledge to navigate the complexities of non-prime auto financing, enhancing their decision-making capabilities.

2024 Survey

The 2024 Annual Survey Report key findings will be shared at the 28th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference in Fort Worth, TX, June 5-7, 2024. A copy of the report will be available for purchase.  

2023 Survey

The National Automotive Finance (NAF) Association and the American Financial Services Association (AFSA) have again partnered to produce the Annual Non-Prime Automotive Financing Survey. 

This resource is made possible by the support and participation of lending sources across the industry. Your valuable input helps deliver performance metrics for the non-prime auto finance marketplace and is available to all contributors at no cost.

The 2023 report represents 31 financing sources focused primarily on the U.S. market with a broad portfolio and organization size, market, tenure, and automation level.

2023 Table of Contents

Both associations wish to sincerely thank the financing sources who contributed data, i2A Analytics for administering the survey and delivering the report, Black Book and Equifax for contributing industry data and insights, and FICO for allowing access to their credit scores.