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Compliance Professional Certification

The National Automotive Finance Association offers the Consumer Credit Compliance Certification Program to help consumer finance companies and other stakeholders in the industry tackle the increasingly difficult challenge of complying with federal and state regulatory requirements.

The Certification Program provides the compliance professional with a solid working knowledge of the federal laws and regulations that govern consumer credit, together with a representative overview of state consumer credit law.

The program consists of four modules – All modules are presented in a self-paced online format. Each module includes multiple sessions; each provides a thorough outline and description of the applicable law or regulation and a knowledge test.

The program provides the student with a comprehensive breakdown, as well as “in total” walk-through, of the consumer credit laws and regulations, preparing graduates to perform in a compliance role. The coursework is rigorous. There are 42 hours of classroom work, and it will take 30 minutes to an hour to complete each of the 36 online sessions.

After successfully completing the program, the graduate will be recognized as a Certified Consumer Credit Compliance Professional. The certified Compliance Professional must complete continuing education every two years to maintain certification. The continuing education will provide updates on statutory and regulatory requirements, and discuss developments.

Program curriculum created by Hudson Cook, LLP attorneys, Patty Covington and Eric Johnson.

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