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The National Automotive Finance (NAF) Association is the only forum for the exclusive benefit of the non-prime auto finance industry, addressing the challenges of sales finance companies, dealers, and third party service providers. Among the association's accomplishments to date are:

Full membership is open to companies that actively engage in indirect and direct below-prime auto financing and to auto dealers. These members have full voting rights and may serve on the board of directors.

Associate membership is open to organizations or individuals who have an interest in furthering the goals of the association but are not financing sources. These members have full voting rights and may serve on the board of directors.

NAF Association’s Quarterly Management Report provides a summary of relevant information and updates on association initiatives.

"Membership in NAF gives my company access to individuals and insights in a way that no other organization can, and our support of the Association makes this industry better for all its constituents."

Aaron Dalton
Prestige Financial

"The NAF Association has been a source of education, networking with old and new friends, and a great venue to learn what is already available and what is coming for the Subprime Auto Finance industry."

Jim Bass
Agora Data, Inc.

"The NAF Association provides the highest value for your membership investment; the members are engaging and dedicated toward the overall health and development of the independent automotive finance industry."

Sharon Mancero
Wells Fargo Preferred Capital

"SAFCO is proud to be a NAF member as we are able to work with industry peers on various topics related to auto finance. The NAF association provides members with the ability to interact, learn, and stay informed of changes or happenings in the industry."

Dan Baggett
Sr VP of Compliance & Loan Servicing SAFCO

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Membership fees vary depending on your status. Please select the appropriate membership level from the table below. If you are a financing source, please indicate the amount of non-prime outstanding loans serviced by your organization annually:

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