J.D. Byrider Applies Equifax Ignite, Increases Auto Buyer Approvals by 10 Percent 

Solution helped the sub-prime dealer score 100 percent of their prospective customers

ATLANTA, March 20, 2018 – When J.D. Byrider, a  leading used car sales and finance enterprise, expanded geographically and organically, they began an engagement with Equifax Inc. (NYSE:  EFX), a global information solutions company, to better identify risk and streamline deal structures. J.D. Byrider used Equifax Ignite to develop a configurable origination risk model that uses traditional credit data, augmented with alternative data sources such as telecom and utility information, to create a more robust profile on buyers.

Ignite allows for a more accurate and wider-ranging risk assessment on buyers with varied profiles as well, which helps to reduce write offs and improve efficiencies. J.D. Byrider’s results with the solution included a 100 percent scoring of their applicant population, including those with no credit file or a thin credit file – reducing the number of applicants evaluated only by outdated credit models. Additionally, once lower risk applications were powered by more than a credit-only scoring model, J.D. Byrider was able to increase approvals by 10 percent with the same loss rate.
“My main priority was to enable the strongest and most innovative capabilities to mitigate risk and increase financial inclusivity for our buyers who happen to be sub-prime or deep sub-prime borrowers,” said Gary Harman, chief risk officer, J.D. Byrider. “Equifax Ignite has helped us better understand our customers and get more of them into the cars they need so they can proceed with their lives.”

Equifax Ignite helps businesses enhance customer acquisition, risk segmentation and decisioning, and improve customer relationships. The solution securely and comprehensively supports the full analytical lifecycle – from data access and transparency to visualization and deployment – using a single, connected suite of advanced analytical processes, technology and tools.

“Consumers are not one dimensional, and neither are their credit profiles,” said Peter Oburu, vice president, Automotive Analytics, Equifax. “J.D. Byrider understands this and they have taken steps to ensure every customer who walks through their doors is looked at holistically and not just from one data set, but multiple datasets that can help them in their car buying journey and help all dealers and lenders make better business decisions and with fewer risks.”