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The National Automotive Finance Association is the only trade association exclusively serving the non-prime auto financing industry. Organized in the Fall of 1996, the NAF Association supports its members and the industry with programs and education. Among the association’s accomplishments to date are:

  • The Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference
  • Annual Non-Prime Automotive Financing Survey, providing the industry’s only measurements of growth and changes
  • Creation and publication of standards of financial reporting
  • Development of a code of responsibility for the industry
  • Policy statements (See statement on voluntary standards)
  • Regional workshops

Mission Statement
The National Automotive Finance Association will lead the way in building a forum of transparency and trust for all industry stakeholders: lenders, dealers, suppliers, shareholders, and regulators. We will set the standard in cooperation and collaboration that results in an industry that produces transparent and fair finance solutions that inspire consumers to purchase automobiles.

Vision Statement
The National Automotive Finance Association believes that every consumer with the desire and means to purchase a vehicle should have fair, responsible, and reasonable access to automotive financing. We believe that a healthy and sustainable non-prime automotive marketplace is driven by ethical and responsible practices. The National Automotive Finance Association is the advocate and the voice for these practices.

Diversity Statement
The National Automotive Finance Association is an organization that is open to all people. We welcome and value individuals of all age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, ability, sexual orientation, financial circumstance, or thought. We are committed to embracing diversity, and we feel strongly that it reflects the people and needs of our industry.

Board Members

Executive Committee

  • Chairman: Agora Data, Jim Bass
  • President: GM Financial, Paul Gillespie
  • Vice President: Prestige Financial Services, Aaron Dalton
  • Vice President: Anderson Brothers Bank, Micky Watts
  • Treasurer: Agora Data, Jim Bass
  • Secretary: Resolvion, Claudia Plascencia

Board Members

  • Allied Solutions, Suzi Straffon
  • Automotive Personnel, Don Jasensky
  • Center Street Finance, Matt Burke
  • Connections Insights, Marguerite Watanabe
  • Constant, Carissa Robb
  • Cox Automotive Lender Solutions, Cheryl Miller
  • defi SOLUTIONS, Scott Hendriks
  • Experian, David Elmore
  • Flagship Credit Acceptance, Jeff Haymore
  • Gateway Financial Solutions, Kristen Karwat
  • InterBank, Brenda Stuckert
  • Lobel Finance, Gary Lobel
  • National Auto Lenders, Ozzie Ramos
  • Nortridge Software, Kim Stempel
  • PassTime, Kevin Carr
  • Peritus Portfolio Services, Gary Perdue
  • Primeritus Financial Services, Inc., Joe Mappes
  • Regional Acceptance Corp., Fred Rehermann
  • SAFCO, Dan Baggett
  • Santander Consumer USA, Chris Mitcham
  • SWBC, Jeff Anderson
  • United Auto Credit Corp., Jim Vagim
  • Wells Fargo Preferred Capital, Sharon Mancero
  • Westlake Financial, Ian Anderson

Ex Officio Members

    • Eric Johnson, Hudson Cook, Counsel

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