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Consumer Credit Compliance Certification

Recertification Process


Achieving recognition as a Certified Compliance Professional from the National Automotive Finance Association is a long-term commitment to yourself, your career, and your organization. Recertification is the process of renewing one’s certification status. To maintain your certification you must be prepared to continue to learn, grow and increase your knowledge of federal and state laws and regulations that govern consumer credit including changes in the law and developments in the regulatory environment. With recertification you are demonstrating your commitment to staying current in the field of Consumer Financial Services.

All existing certifications are valid for two years from the date of the issuance of the recertification process (April 25, 2016) and every two years thereafter. Future graduates of the Consumer Credit Compliance Certification Program have two years from the date of their graduation to meet the requirements.


Recertification credits can be earned in the following categories:

ReCertification Point Schedule

Participating in a NAF Best Compliance Practices Meeting
3 credits per Meeting

Attending NAF Association’s Annual Conference
5 credits per Conference (2 for conference attendance plus additional 3 for attending legal panel session at the conference)

Attending Legal Panel Class w/o attending entire NAF conference
3 credits per Class

Attending a Consumer Finance Related Course
2 credits per Conference

Completing Online Course (NAF Certificate Course, AFSA University, others with prior approval)
1 credits per Course

Attending Attorney CLE class on Consumer Finance Compliance Topic
3 credits per Class

Speaking Engagement on Consumer Finance Topic
5 credits per Engagement

Published Article on Consumer Finance Topic
2 credits per article (industry trade / state bar publication)
3 credits per article (Non-Prime Times, NAF Association’s official magazine)

Leadership Position with an Accredited Association (e.g., American Bar Association, AFSA, DBA International, etc) Committee or Working Group that Primarily Addresses a Consumer Finance Topic
2 credits (confirm acceptance in advance with certification administrator)

Certification by an Accredited Association in a Consumer Finance Area (e.g., American Bankers Association’s Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager, International Association of Privacy Professionals’ Certified Information Privacy Professional)
2 credits per certification (confirm acceptance in advance with certification administrator)

Continuing Education Course Required to Retain Certification in a Consumer Finance Area by an Accredited Association
1 credit per course

Re-Certification Point Schedule

Recertification Fee – $95.00 payable with recertification application

To apply for recertification, please submit the e-mail address and password associated with your certificate, and indicate your preferred payment method.

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