These certificates are available to members of the National Automotive Finance Association, and to participants in the Consumer Credit Compliance Certification Program. If you would like to join the association, you may apply for membership here.

If you have graduated from the Consumer Credit Compliance Certification Program but are not a member of the NAF, you may register for the Certificate Program here.

If you wish to enroll candidates from your company in the compliance certificate program, please select the member company with which you are affiliated, and enter the contact information for the employees you wish to register. Each Phase II certificate costs $110. If you have not completed coursework for the Phase I certificate in your field, registration for Phase I certificates can be found here.

If you wish to enroll multiple candidates (more than 19) from your company in the compliance certification program, please use this registration form instead.

NOTICE: These courses use each participant's e-mail address as a unique identifier. If any participant in your organization has previously registered and has changed e-mail addresses, please contact us ereh to keep their registration valid.

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