Black Book Vin Decode Valuation Data Now Includes Build Data From General Motors

Leverages Black Book’s Most Precise Valuation Resources for Automotive Professionals

Black Book, known in the automotive industry for providing timely, independent and precise vehicle pricing information, announced today it has integrated General Motors’ Build Data into the company’s VIN Decode and valuations data, resulting in even higher precision of valuations of General Motors vehicles. Build Data is “as built” content in a vehicle, including optional equipment specific to a unique 17-digit VIN.

With the integration of General Motors’ Build Data, a 17-digit VIN now provides an additional level of precision, as any valuation is now automatically adjusted for the right adds and deducts. The automated process saves time for the users without having to manually select adds or deducts.

“Black Book has been working to leverage innovative solutions to provide an even higher level of precision in the valuations used by industry professionals,” said Anil Goyal, Executive Vice President, Operations at Black Book. “With General Motors’ Build Data, users gain access to precise value of a vehicle by automatically accounting for optional equipment installed in the vehicle.”

The new offering helps vehicle lenders, auctions, fleet management companies, consumer trade-in websites, inventory appraisal applications, dealers, rental companies and others to automatically include Build Data in General Motors’ vehicle valuations.

Through continued Black Book innovations such as History-Adjusted Valuations and Enhanced Vehicle Matching leveraging machine learning and big data, Black Book’s data science team has improved precision by incorporating vehicle history report data and matching 17-digit VINs to a single trim and any applicable add/deducts.