Best Compliance Practice Group

Completion of the NAF Consumer Credit Compliance Certification program has proven to be a very effective way for professionals in our industry to gain expertise in compliance-related issues. In response to a growing demand by graduates of this program, the National Automotive Finance Association has developed a way to further enhance participants' learning experience on an ongoing basis.

The Best Compliance Practice Group program provides a peer-to-peer learning environment with fellow members, who hold similar positions, and deal with similar challenges. It offers a forum where participants can collaborate to solve problems together, and -- with access to a group-sponsored List Serve -- remain in contact between meetings. For many finance companies, the benefits of this type of alliance can have a dramatic effect on reducing legal compliance costs.

The Best Compliance Practice Group is open to certification graduates who are employees of NAF member companies. Participation costs $1500, and is renewable annually. Benefits of participation include:
  • Attendance at quarterly meetings (3 Groups: Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA);
  • Meetings are moderated by a Hudson Cook attorney;
  • Attendance at the meeting to be included as part of the Certified Consumer Credit Compliance Professional recertification process;
  • Access to a private e-mail communication service (List Serve), where communication on compliance issues can occur among members;

To apply for participation in the Best Compliance Practice Group, you will need to verify your identity. Your e-mail will be used for validation purposes, so please be prepared to check your e-mail in order to complete registration.

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